2023 Membership Benefits

North Central Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

We’ve managed to keep our annual dues low. They will remain at $100 this year.
You do not have to be a member of ASHI National to join our chapter.

Click here for our member registration form.

  • Your business listed on the North Central Ohio Chapter of ASHI website http://www.ncohioashi.com
  • Your business will be included in our chapter’s Buyers and Sellers Guide to Home Inspection which is distributed to realtors.
  • We promote chapter membership at area real estate events.
  • Strong representation of our chapter at all State of Ohio Licensing meetings.
  • The education and camaraderie at our classes are invaluable. This is a great setting to learn from your fellow inspectors.
  • Join our Members Only Facebook group. (Only current members will be approved. For the sake of our member’s privacy, we ask that you join with your personal account.) Click here to join.

The Value of Chapter Membership

Representation to both the State of Ohio and the real estate community. Chapter members benefit from representation at the state level. The North Central Ohio Chapter of ASHI, working in conjunction with the Ohio Chapter of ASHI, has five members on the JCLC (Joint Chapter Legislative Committee). These volunteer members hold monthly meetings with our lobbyist and attend the State of Ohio Home Inspector Board meetings in Columbus acting as the watchdog of our industry.

During the creation of licensing, the JCLC acted on the behalf of chapter membership limiting your claims liability to one year, there are low limits on required insurance and you are not required to test smoke detectors. These are just a few of the examples of what representation has provided. The JCLC has a good relationship with the Dept of Real Estate where our input is welcome, we recently met with the new Superintendent of Real Estate Daphne Hawk. The JCLC also represents our chapter membership to the Real Estate community.

Over the past year we have held meetings with the OR (Ohio Realtors) in Columbus to discuss some of the ever-changing dynamics of our industry such as waiving inspections and report sharing.

What we do affects your business and your life. Although not perfect, the licensing program in Ohio is held up as a model program, and we will continue to represent our chapter membership and closely monitor issues that involve our profession.

ASHI is the oldest and most respected professional association that inspectors can belong to. It’s common for realtors to advise buyers to “make sure they’re ASHI certified” when looking for an inspector. A lot of effort went into achieving that, and we appreciate our past chapter leadership for that work. As chapter members, you are among the best of the best. We’ll continue to promote our chapter members to the real estate community, through real estate office visits and tables at the Ohio Realtor conventions, as well as looking into new and additional ways to keep North Central Ohio Chapter of ASHI members at the forefront of the home inspection community.

The North Central Ohio Chapter of ASHI education program continues to stand out among other education offerings. Our education program typically brings national level speakers to you on a regular basis, and we continue to seek out new speakers and topics to meet the demands of an ever-changing inspection landscape.

Camaraderie is one of our strongest and often overlooked benefits. You’re not alone out there, you’ve got the collective knowledge of your fellow chapter members. We hope that by attending the in-person classes that you get to know your fellow chapter members. Those conversations before and after classes have value as you establish friendships with other inspectors and create your own group of peers within a group of peers to discuss our industry.

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